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        Rolex China sailing race for the sea oyster perpetual yacht sailing sports watch II Malibu is that the first is preset Countdown with mechanical back function of high-end mechanical watches. With this exquisite craft yacht There was no parallel in history., Malibu IIRolex

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for oyster perpetual watch II sailing yacht Malibu sports idea is first with preset Countdown with mechanical back function of high-end mechanical watches. With this exquisite craft There was no parallel in history. type II in Malibu, yacht sailing start time sequence, to count 0 to 10 minutes, with the season race course. During the time, the watch countdown countdown to keep pace with. As a new generation of oyster perpetual watch, II can be changed through the yacht Malibu ringxmand bezel complete interactive movement, the match case and bezel. This watch is used by Rolex to complete the 4160 core ideas and processing, including up to 360 elements. This table is waterproof to a depth of up to 100 meters,IWC Watches, automatic chain, equipped with a perpetual pendulum movement, and made a fine focus timer test certification. omega watches

Hongkong official website Rolex Rolex watches 2010 Chinese sea sailing race sail and sail the sea homing, Rolex

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biennial Rolex Chinese sailing yacht club hosted the tournament by the sea, Manila yacht club and Subic Bay Yacht Club Co, the whole 565 miles,Omega replica, is the first Asian Games in addition to offshore flow. Watch brand Rolex will be designated as a yacht timer and durable partners, continue to vigorously by the event, with broad sailing like to share the happy land festival. The 30 participating this year’s Regatta team both experienced sailing experts, also has the spirit threatening young players. 4 teams from the Chinese Fleet greatly expanded the scope of competition, many more from overseas strength in competitive fleet ranks, as international championship points, from Philippines No. subiccentennial, australianmaid number and evolutionracing number. omega watches

the first World Championship in addition, Rolex’s official website Rolex Farr forty World Championships; omega watches

twelve ten on April 1,sunglasses4usale.com, 2010, the twenty-fifth Rolex China sea Regatta (rolexchinasearace) kicked off, with 30 ships bow Rolex crown logo sailing from Victoria Harbour sail. Seven thirty-six on April 4th, NEILPRYDE hifi, leader of the first to arrive at the end — > in