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Omega watches price! How much money EYKI Watch

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; on Omega men’s watches price 20 added as widely available electronic paper watch this new watch display time with the electronic paper can curl. The electronic paper layer laid millions of microcapsules, all of them with charge. The micro capsule in white and

,, omega watches price 20 men will be available for extensive add electronic paper watch cartier watches

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watch display time for the part of the electronic paper can curl. Electronic paper film "laying" millions of microcapsules, all of them with charge. The micro capsule of the white and black particles move in the film, which shows the number. It is from the perspective of the LCD screen can be broad,, from any point of digital identification. Electronic paper watch thickness of 4 mm and a weight of about 134 g,, like Omega men’s watches price 20 add wide Bracelet wear on the hand. The price of 262500 yen ($2206), limited edition 500. cartier watches


Mens Watch price! How much money Eyki watch, "manufacturing" standard watches or will improve cartier watches

< p > according to official Omega men’s watches price 20 add widely reported on the 29th, the authenticity of the "made" watches and strengthen the evaluation standard of the products, clocks and watches industry recently launched the new rules. Rules for determining future with a "made" signs of mechanical watch, the 80% of the cost of production must occur in, and the production cost shall be at least 60% occurred in. cartier watches

< p > Watch Industry Federation let & middot; & middot; PASH said, if measures are not taken, the manufacture products reputation will be, and gradually the loss of consumer trust.

cartier watches

< p > federal Omega men’s watches price 20 added as widely existing regulations only the provenance of watch movement, and watchcase and dial and pointer allows produced in foreign countries. If a watch is 50% in the production can be called "manufacturing". But the pesh believes that consumers buy is finished form, and not just watch movement, and therefore must be standard origins of finished watches to be certain. He also said, the watch industry federation most in favour of "manufacturing" product standards. cartier watches

Pash said, the new watch industry association rules submitted to the approval. Not Omega men’s watches price 20 added as widely he said that new rules about 8 years of time to formally implemented, because watch producers need a transition period, in order to have enough spare parts supply domestic. cartier watches

cartier watches

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