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Ballmer Phone Windows will enter China within a few months – Casio

        [IT168 comment] yesterday afternoon, Microsoft CEO Ballmer Steve in Beijing, said WindowsPhone will enter China in the next few months. At the same time in the evening, Microsoft held a press conference in New York America, display WindowsPhone7 (Mango) more than 500 of the new system and optimization

[IT168 comment] yesterday afternoon,, Microsoft CEO Steve · Ballmer in Beijing, said WindowsPhone will enter China in the next few months. Also in the evening time, Microsoft in New York held a press conference, show Windows Phone 7 (Mango) system of more than 500 items optimization and new features.

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Ballmer: Phone Windows will be several months into China – Casio how much money, Ballmer in the Greater China BizSpark innovation enterprise contest revealed the news. He said WindowsPhone is changing expectations of people’s smartphones, and through the use of feedback from the WindowsPhone user, so that Microsoft expressed confidence in the direction of development since then.

iwc watches< p > Casio Watch how much money he also said that Microsoft’s future in addition to Nokia, but also cooperation with other manufacturers, the windowsphone bring users around the world, and within the next few months time to China.

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it is understood that Microsoft in the United States last night to show the new version of the WindowsPhone7 operating system,, while the introduction of 9 new phones. Which includes 4 Samsung mobile phones, 2 HTC, 2 Acer and a DELL phone.

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at the conference in New York, Microsoft also revealed the first WindowsPhone7 mobile phone with NOKIA mobile phone will use the latest release of the Mango system. However,my-watchstore, the current mobile phone is still in the test, the release time is not clear.

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