Radar watch introduction

        in 1962,
Omega replica, the Swiss radar successfully launched the first difficult wear watch in the world, laying a solid foundation for its future career.. Today, Rado table is one of the most important Swiss watch manufacturer, with 250 official service center and 8000 sales by 1962, Rado table successfully launched the world’s first is not easy to wear watches, for their future career laid a solid foundation. Today, the Swiss radar watch is one of the most important Swiss watch manufacturers, with a network of 8000 International Sales of sales points composed of 250 official service centers and. It is naturally the Swiss radar table with the name of the material not easily worn with a personalized design of watches linked together. In Switzerland, Linor Swiss Rado watches is one of the most important Swiss watch manufacturer, within a relatively short period of time established in worldwide sales of distinctive brand. When other brands are still using general materials such as gold, silver or steel manufacturing watches, Swiss Rado watches have been selected advanced materials such as metal hard, sapphire crystal, high-tech ceramics, high-tech lanthanum, or high-tech diamond series of high-tech materials for the manufacture of watches. Swiss radar watch has spent decades of creating high-end technology, today this technology constitutes the core of its material technology development.< br / > for Rado, new product development means in the realization of the material and the shape of the perfect combination and the time agreed. Therefore, the shape of the watch not only to display the function, but also to reflect the Swiss radar table inherent design concept. Rado "V10K" for a number of awards and outstanding reputation: 2005: "Japan good design award". "G- mark" is "high quality", "high practical" and "high stability" product symbol. 2005: 2005 design and imaginative selection. From the German design Commission – fü R; Formgebung Rat. 2005: China 2005 "iF design" award, giving those designs unique,
Cartier watches, excellent selection and creative products. 2003: high-quality design "red dot" award from the world famous Germany, north the Rhine Westphalia design center. 2002: "outstanding design award", from the Chicago Athens, asia temple: Architectural and Design Museum. 2002 Swiss public vote V10K for the 2002 annual watch award runner. The price of radar watch belongs to the middle of the radar, and the radar watch and the radar watch model are consulted in the local radar shop.

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< br / > for many years, Rado watches has been the implementation of 8 bits of case numbers, such as: 152.0366.3 or 129.0286.3 and so on, its production number is 8 digits,
www.greatsalewatch.com, (but not segment), the band number is five digits.