Rolex watches fade problem friend brought me back from Switzerland

    朋友从瑞士给我带回来的一款劳力士满天星手表 结果我带了5年 发现 表带和表的四周有些褪色 这样带出去很难看 我很郁闷 会不会是假的表带后面明明标记着24k请问有没有手表翻新的店 朋友从瑞士给我带回来的一款劳力士满天星手表 结果我带了5年 发现 表带和表的四周有些褪色 这样带出去很难看 我很郁闷 会不会是假的 表带后面明明标记着24k 请问有没有手表翻新的店面 或者重新镀金 我的这个表很准时 机芯和表蒙子都很好的 扔了举得可惜 如果换个新的表带 和表的四周颜色不同 因为表的四周都褪色了 郁闷啊该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,如有需要,请购买收费版专业的回答你的问题 首先你得接受一个打击,你手上的这块所谓的“满天星”是块假表。 First, Rolex’s gold, either gold or rose gold or platinum is 18 karat gold, 24 karat gold that does not exist,, 24K soft gold is not possible in the tabulation; second, three turn buckle strap will be marked "750" rather than you say 24K, the font is very small, a Rolex gold watch so many that are marked refined; third, if it is 24 K how to fade said? Rolex Star Watch weight is not only a piece of ordinary steel sheet weight, to now the market price is not lower than 500000,, five years ago, even the old style price will not be less than 300000. Foreign things are not necessarily high as genuine, fake, second-hand, these work do things by irregular ways each country will have, if you think I said these are not credible, go to the local store to ask to know. Answer: yoyoloveayu – six – 2010-2-25 00:34 ———————————————————————- to correct the professional, not so cheap. Work only D-DATE series stars, is a calendar and week, will be nearly about 100000 free version of D-D steel drill, ha ha. In addition, 24 K gold watch case is impossible. Work only 914 or 18 carat gold steel, and may not fade. D-DATE gold price of around 400000, gold stars D-DATE the cheapest price and buy 870000, work in Switzerland, the price, and not much difference between (Swiss heavy duty). I think your friend will give you 870000 of the table, cherish it! We often say that the gold watch, refers to the gold or rose gold material, more than 75% gold, gold is not absolute. 24 carat gold refers to the gold content of 99.99%, because of very stable chemical properties of gold,, which is thousands of years of human use as currency to help