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May, 2015

How to distinguish the authenticity of OMEGA watches – essence knowledge

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; omega watches is one of the most were counterfeit Swiss watches, is I have seen all the fake watches, fraud at the highest level, some high imitation watch enough indeed spurious. What simple method can distinguish true and false OMEGA watch? According to my omega watches are …Continue reading


Casio with manual I is in our city, Kathy

    我是在我们市的卡西欧专柜买的,买时没注意,因为交完钱后售货员把表给我调好了,所以也就没注意说明书的事,买了快一年了,发现在网上卖的都有说明书,那专柜会有假货吗该版 我是在我们市的卡西欧专柜买的,买时没注意,因为交完钱后售货员把表给我调好了,所以也就没注意说明书的事,买了快一年了,发现在网上卖的都有说明书,那专柜会有假货吗该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,,如有需要,,请购买收费版一般在商场的正规专柜卖的都有包装盒 盒子里有一个小小的但是挺厚的一个本本 就是说明书了 上面有很多国家的文字 至于你那个表 我不是很确定到底是真的还是假的 你可以去你们市一个比较大比较高档的商场的专柜问一下 或许可以知道是真是假 我的是G-shock系列的 在盒子底部 因为比较小所以是夹盒子底部的凹槽里 不知道你的一不一样 Can not false false words take a year should have no electricity (is the electronic form it) shopping malls will not sell fake,, shopping guide did not have the guts!


Radar watch introduction

        in 1962, Omega replica, the Swiss radar successfully launched the first difficult wear watch in the world, laying a solid foundation for its future career.. Today, Rado table is one of the most important Swiss watch manufacturer, with 250 official service center and 8000 sales by 1962, Rado table successfully launched …Continue reading


Casio527d Watch said Casio CASIO

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; watch casio527d said Casio, 3, forum online shopping not pre-market after-sales service center, my-watchstore, will not be accepted any pre-sales after-sales problem (identification table section, consulting shop, etc.); any initiative to provide casio527d watch manual authentication service person should be regarded as a business behavior, once< p …Continue reading


How to know this watch true and false, to what website query

        CHRONOMETER 25JEWELS Plated PROFESSIONAL AUTOMATIC Jesselex 63650 Switzerland J 2834-2809 23K about how much money? How query authenticity? Black tour guides lead to buy brand-name table,, are not worth the money! Table in the front Jesselex Switzerland 63650 J 2834-2809 23K plated probably how many money is professional CHRONOMETER 25JEWELS …Continue reading


How’s CK watch

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; CK full name Calvin. Calvin Klein & middot; Klein, Calvin Klein, founder of Calvin Klein 1942 was born in New York, studying at the famous New York Fashion Institute (FIT), 1968 founded Calvin Klein "Calvin Klein" company. Calvin Klein is when the CK full name Calvin. Calvin …Continue reading


Guess watch website guess watch website

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; according to the person in charge of the luggage portal in China, domestic market scale is not large, but in 2009 also reached 400 billion yuan in spending, including online sales accounted for 1.5 billion yuan, China luggage portal has become the luggage industry leading enterprises. China …Continue reading


Casio mediation how to do a friend sent a block CASIO no

Forget me by checking on the back of no checking on the back of no & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a friend sent a Casio instructions do not know how to adjust, 2742 edb-310d sale Internet search adjustable time I by others say the right two bond together by quick results it …Continue reading


Father’s Day is a day of 2009 days of the big thoughts why tears

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a few days ago car stuck halfway up, depressed turned on the radio, are broadcast with a song familiar songs, singing and sound particularly easy to identify,, Fei. That song, Mao Amin a few years ago, "the big day". Or listen to Fei Yuqing for the …Continue reading


The world watches brand top ten build Chinese luxury yacht with strength

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; (April 14 to 17, Shanghai) – the world’s leading luxury yacht maker, Italian AZ scene Beni pedicle group’s brand AZ scene yacht AzimutYachts, hand in hand dealers in Shanghai — far macro yacht VelaMarine) unveiled the 16th China (Shanghai) International Boat Show.< p > (April 14 to …Continue reading

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