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April 9th, 2015

Excuse me, where can repair the Changchun Rolex watches The watch glass.

        crystal drop a ballast,, want to change a watch glass, terrible is not a regular place in the! May change over will leak! I would like to ask Changchun where repair shop at ease? Thank you! Chinese English translation function does not support this version, if necessary, please buy the …Continue reading


How Rolex watches

 ,;  ,;  ,;   ROLEX has never been a couple of table ROLEX female domestic prices starting at about 3W6 is a non calendar display basic models only part of ROLEX has obvious traces of women but does not stipulate the matching and so ROLEX only model table does not couple ROLEX …Continue reading


Rolex offer

        would you advice which offer by Rolex, Rolex has a lot of kinds of styles. Specific price please contact customer service website certainly cheaper than domestic, generally the higher the price so cheap and more significantly. For example, Swatch’s table, would you advice which offer by Rolex, Rolex has a …Continue reading