An underated Rolex The Explorer II

I never understood why this 16570 was underrated.

The White dial?

The Model in itself?

I always loved it, and even more with the white dial, as we don’t often see white dialed Rolexes…

This one has a particular story.

In 1996/ 1997, an Expedition was organized to the North Pole, in the Norwegian Part of the North Pole, to be more precise…

This was a scientific Expedition, and some people was invited to join this trip, as Photographers, Artists, etc…

As a Tradition,, Rolex provided to each member of this Expedition an Explorer II, White Dial.

Mine was given to Nils LUND, a famous Norwegian Artist, with the name of the Expedition, the Date,, and the name of each member engraved on the case back.

A friend of mine called me to ask if I was interested in buying it, as he knew that I was hunting a special Explorer II.

And since quite 3 years now, I’m the happy owner of this lovely watch.

I gave it for a complete overhaul recently, ad it just came back 2 days ago…

A light buff, a total service, but I was afraid to change the bezel, so I kept it, a bit destroyed, certainly bitten by a Bear…LOL

And, once again,, I fell in love with!

This is a watch like I love them, elegant, strong, powerful, a bit sporty…

And this white dial, so particular for a Rolex!


Isn’t it lovely?

Just wanted to share with you this watch with a nice story…



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