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Please true this Rolex identification 12 under the front!

    正面"12"字样下rolex oyster perprtual ."6"字样上面superlative chronometer officially certified.瓷片面的.字样有"12"."2"."4"."6"."8".10".表背面没东西,
richard mille skull watch replica,但表带扣上有 made.18k的字样.请高手鉴 正面"12"字样下rolex oyster perprtual ."6"字样上面superlative chronometer officially certified.瓷片面的.字样有"12"."2"."4"."6"."8".10".表背面没东西,但表带扣上有rolex750.8570f. made.18k的字样.请高手鉴定下.谢谢该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,如有需要,,请购买收费版照理来说应该是假的 因为12点钟方位下的Rolex开头要是大写R除非你写错!还有几个简单的辨识你参考一下 1.表壳内缘会刻有劳力士的LOGO!2.6点钟方位会刻上独立流水序号!3.双色日期显示..单日为红色,双日为黑色!4. Rolex unique serrated ring table back cover! No accident words should be false because rolex750.8570f. – I don’t think people see to understand is the 750 should be the country code but Rolex isn’t 750 this country code! Simple common sense to judge is to carve a map,
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