American President Bush watch was stolen

        America President Bush watch was stolen? Swiss watch brand, brand watches, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches America President Bush recently visited Albania, and warmly welcome the masses shake hands, sharp eyed netizens from news footage found he had worn on the left hand of the watch a few seconds had "disappeared",, cause "Bush watch stolen" hearsay. According to the "Central News Agency reported" San Francisco, Nbc National Broadcasting Company (NBC) news broadcast on the evening of twelve film, prove yourself Bush table with pockets. "Bush watch whether the related themes of Albania stolen" video clips, recently widely circulated through the popular website YouTube. Because of Bush was the first presidential visit to Albania USA, if his watch in the local "hand" is indeed disarray touch and go, I am afraid that a country’s international image negatively impact. Sharp eyed Netizens found in Albania and a large number of people Bush handshake news footage,, he had worn on the left black strap watch, a few seconds even a blink of an eye from the screen disappeared,, therefore cause "Bush watch stolen" Internet rumors. However, the NBC Evening News reported that from NBC photographer was standing in Bush left behind, follow close video can be clearly seen, when President Bush shakes hands with the crowd, their left hand wrist watch scored into his trousers pocket, and not in the hearsay "by Albania people steal". White House spokesman snow twelve days have come forward to clarify Bush’s watch was not stolen, but the president himself and put them into his pocket, this watch is also a safe return to the United states.