Patek Philippe experience fashion (Figure)

        Patek Philippe experience fashion (Figure) name, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch           every time I go to the Bund 18, Patek Philippe (PATEKPHILIPPE) stores, there are always new harvest, sometimes even surprise. A few days ago just like received the news of the company, Patek Philippe launched a new product — AquanautLuce. What a wonderful name! The designed specifically for women, diamond color dial strap, movement style watch just listed officially in Italy, Spain, is the European fashion women’s pursuit, the twinkling of an eye, the beautiful and refined design excellent watches on display at the Shanghai store. Window flashing sections of full of vitality, but also contains Patek Philippe classic quality watch, in holiday dress under the radiation of a charming light,, Christmas day become elegant lady precious gift. The distinctive personality works named AquanautLuce: the word "Luce" in Italian means "brilliance",, dazzling light praises the watch precious stones. AquanautLuce for wrist contour design lady, with the size of two types. This novel and elegant sports watch, created for the modern,, active and energetic woman, in the eternal color, Patek Philippe for each watch add leisurely and bold personality style:                 & nbsp; facing the window Patek Philippe watches, the most let me feeling is an old company has maintained strong innovation capacity. By now the AquanautLuce for example, watchcase octagonal deduce by younger Nautilus series partial circular particularly different, made of composite material of color Tropical strap, especially in hard stainless steel inlaid diamonds, its difficulty greatly exceeded the inlaid in gold on the diamond, hard effort only really big will show the expert can appreciation.           as the watch collectors, like Patek Philippe, almost without exception,, since it is those calendar, Tourbillon mechanical watch such a complex function start. However, in recent years, personally, to start some has the practical function of it, but not how complicated watch interested. With the increase of the number of such as travel abroad, more and more to buy a can display the time of different time zones watches, Patek Philippe’s "world" (Ref5110) watches became my mind CIMC practical, concise and fashionable in a "gourmet". Knowledgeable people know, Patek Philippe in the early 30’s of the last century began manufacturing world table, now in the Patek Philippe Museum collection of 1937 to 1966.