The world watches Swiss watch grade classification

        the world watches Swiss watch rating watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch our favorite watches are not Rolex and OMEGA can not, however, does not mean they are watches top brands, only that they enter China market early, marketing strategy is good.   ranked first; Patek Philippe: 8 years of production marks a table top world rich is to have a Patek Philippe watch, noble art realm and expensive materials shaping brand Patek Philippe enduring. Not long ago,, Patek Philippe antique table once again set a world auction record, a 1933 as a banker America custom watches, the transaction price as high as $11000000. This table has 24 kinds of features, design time spent 3 years, and 5 years to make. A table were produced in 8 years. Patek Philippe not because the market made a star and overcharging. The plant has a confidential workshop, more than 100 years maintained a tradition, that every year only create a handmade product,, its price of around 30000000 yuan, who will receive this watch, at least to wait for 8 to 10 years.   below is the list of the world class   Super Table: to make complicated watch Kyo, burnish is elegant, fully display technology strength meter factory, the brand of high gold content, production co.. Patek Philippe; Audemars Pigeut; Vacheron Constantin; A.LANGE& SOEHNE; ROGER DUBIUS Haojue Breguet; Nirupama Jonny; PARMIGIANI; Blancpain (complex section); Athens (complex section); Muller (FRANK MULLER flange complex section); Guerra Souty (GLASHUETTE ORIGINAL; PERREGAUX complex models). A class of one: for Chinese high layer identity classic table. Rolex; Jaeger Le Coulter; Cartire; IWC the nations; Chopin; the count. A class of two: suitable for Chinese paid people play table. Zenith (zenith); KELEK; DANIEL ROTH; GERALD GENTA KunLun; respect; UNION (Germany); CHRONSS PANERAI Rainbow; Pei that sea; OMEGA; DUBEY& SCHALDENBRAND Du He Xiao Deng EBEL Yubao. Note 1: many of the same brand products are different, so according to the proportional differentiation, as a super illustrate the complex function table to grow perceptibly, and complex function table accounted for a considerable proportion in their products,, or movement polished enough level, brand positioning. Like Athens, Frank Muller ordinary paragraph is based on the ETA2892 but does not affect the overall image. Guerra Souty launched several tourbillon, fly back to the countdown, double gooseneck tuning mechanism has been out of the GUB39 movement of ordinary image, can and LANGE Ting equal. IWC also as a complex functional form is good, but most of its products are relatively common, so the column as a Class A, Jaeger Le Coulter similarly. Because Chopin has its own core and LUC jewelry table of high grade so the column a.