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The floor is covered with 90 square meters of new houses and home are spending 7080 less

        90 new houses less to spend 7080 yuan, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will do! The 48 places! To seize the "shop to send half half" Europe imported floor 48 seats! Expect treasure artist brilliant deduction 48 experts! Additional professional floor "choose the floor, or environmental protection is the most important thing

90 square meters house for $7080, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will do!

I am SB

48 places! To seize the "shop to send half half" Europe imported floor I am SB

48 seats! Expect treasure wonderful interpretation of I am SB


48 experts! Additional professional floor I am SB

"choose the floor,, or environmental protection is the most important thing!" "we consumers are not professional, the best experts can give us lessons" "weekend we the whole family,, old and young are ready to go to the floor section along for the ride, there is no fun playing what ah?"…… I understand that, for the upcoming April 9th -10 on the opening of the floor section, our Chengdu people’s expectations! And in the next 48 hours,, and the floor I am SB


will total devotion to the floor section, 48 hours of experience for you! 48 "Pu half send half" purchase quota, 48 experts on-site instruction floor knowledge, 48 seats enjoy free national artist FRANZKELLER bring audio-visual feast, but also 48 surprise gift waiting for you in a! I am SB

faster hands spend 7080 yuan less, only 48 places in I am SB

and "buy send half half" awesome action last week began preheating, a message many customers will receive a positive response. "This activity will be limited to purchase an area? "" the transportation and installation will be an extra charge? "This problem is one of the many consumers are concerned about. Because you must be very hard to believe that such a pure manufacturing, and the floor formaldehyde content lower than the highest environmental standards in Europe, far more than the national standard of environmental protection China brand can do this amazing and PFP move! However, things clear this whether you paving area of how many,, as long as you race to the 48 purchase of quota of people, will be able to enjoy the city 223 yuan / square meters of European standard environmental protection floor "buy send" half half amazing experience! The price is low, at least than similar domestic floor price 20-30%. But this time the purchase activities of lucerne, floor, not only packet transport package installation, more unique fashion color! Precious wood splicing pattern convey fashion latest fashion. The surface of the embossing grain, special light shadow pattern, also let us feel the natural. Take 48 hours, >


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