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In the 150 years of glorious history, Omega watch technology has played a leading role in innovation, with a perseverance and pioneering spirit, we challenge different areas, from the Dawn of the mysteries of space exploration firmament, as well as mysterious ocean depth to challenge the limits. Omega 150 years of glorious history, Omega watch technology has played a leading role in innovation, with a perseverance and pioneering spirit, we challenge different areas, from the Dawn of the mysteries of space exploration firmament, as well as the mysterious deep sea challenge the limits. Omega also forged with sports puzzled edge, with unsurpassed technical expertise, as a number of international authoritative events provide a timekeeping service. NASA test called the world’s most stringent test of the Apollo moon program is intended for astronaut selection of a high performance and reliable watch, while Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph is the only pass the test . Since then, Omega together with human spaceflight career forward with a record less unworthy of legend. Today, the Speedmaster is still recognized by NASA airborne mission qualified chronograph,jaeger lecoultre 177847N, and was chosen to launch the Russian space station mission. Omega is also a leader in sports timekeeping, had set numerous technological breakthroughs, including the world’s first device and a thousandth of a second photo finish all of today’s international swimming competition must contact plate timing system, including the completion of the Nordic winter just held Olympics will be provided by the Omega timekeeping services. Omega brand of product quality performance is another pioneering spirit embodied, for example, a new coaxial escapement device can make the Omega watch more reliable performance, maintenance interval is thus extended. Omega since 1848 by the Louis Brandt founded, has been to create the glorious history of the watch industry.

1900 became the first Swiss watch industry’s manufacturers. replica watches

1919 record continuously since World Observatory on the accuracy of the game record.

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worked 22 Olympic Games (the first time for the 1932 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles) and other international grand sports events such as athletics, swimming, golf and sailing competitions provide a timekeeping service. replica watches

create space expedition history, the Omega Speedmaster Professional meter into the table in 1965 and won the NASA selection, July 21, 1969 moon landing, take the first step on the moon astronauts wear wrist It Speedmaster Professional Chronograph. In 1970, the implementation of the Apollo 13 mission launch failure Speedmaster Professional Chronograph play a key role in accurate calculation of the engine ignition timing, so that the spacecraft into Earth orbit to return, “saved” the astronauts and spacecraft. replica watches

International Space Station is also equipped with the latest X-33 Speedmaster Professional Chronograph Multifunction Omega once again become a pioneer in the human conquest of space, the design of this watch is Omega were consulting the United States, the Soviet Union and Europe as well as astronauts professional pilots professional advice, in addition with the most advanced technology capabilities in order to fully meet the stringent professional requirements aerospace mission. At the same time, the “Moon Watch” said the Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph is still the United States and the Russian cosmonaut’s launch partner. With their space walk.

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Omega launched in 1999 the revolutionary coaxial escapement movement, coaxial escapement device is a teacher by the British watch George Daniel designed to make the movement more stable and reliable long-term operation, has been hailed as the 20th century, mechanical watchmaking’s most outstanding inventions. replica watches

2002, Omega launched a new series BIJOUX jewelry has become the best accessory Omega chronograph.

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Omega important milestone in a long evolution:

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1848 年 Louis Brandt in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de city watch assembly factory was founded in 1889 LOUIS BRANDT & GILS company Bill moved to the city in 1880, became Switzerland’s largest watchmaker, employees 600 people with an annual output reached 100,000 watches. 1894 LOUIS BRANDT & GILS company invented an innovative “Omega 19 so that movement, after the name of the company Omega 1917-18 during World War I, Omega served as the British Army and Royal Flying Army designated wrist Omega watch suppliers in 1932 for the Olympic Games in Los Angeles for the first time to provide timing services, and since then often served as the official timing sports events around the world in 1936, Omega hit Tai Dingdui Observatory KEW-TEDDINGTON all categories of timing accuracy record 1939 During World War II, the famous 30 mm Omega Pingzhu watch movement, elected by the British Royal Air Force designation watch suppliers. 1948 Omega introduced the first paragraph hippocampus table, with its reliable performance and rugged features known. 1949 Omega created the world’s first research and advanced photo-finish equipment. 1952 Omega Constellation Observatory surface of the world, and instantly become the brand’s top series, and introduced the same year as the world’s first Sports EvenT quartz electronic timer OTR 1955 World’s first self-winding ladies watch available, Omega LAKYMATIC 1957, Omega Speedmaster Chronograph first surface of the world in 1960 Omega introduced the first hippocampus Ville table, then in 1967 launched Omega De Ville 1961 track recorder OMEGASCOPE available, can be displayed on the screen athletes timing results 1965 NASA after rigorous testing multiple watch brands , the final selection of Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph watch is a designated space mission launched in 1968 KYNAMIOC watch, Omega watch series is the best-selling series of 21 July 1969, Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph Table became the first moon landing by only astronauts wear a watch, with humanity on the Earth’s historic first step out, so universally shock. 1970 Omega was awarded NASA issued a “Snoopy Award “in recognition Speedmaster Professional Chronograph Apollo 13 space program in play fighting role to defuse the crisis in 1974 Omega introduced the world’s first marine chronometer series, monthly timing error as low as 1 second, its performance than ordinary quartz wrist Table winning times in 1975 at the historic Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft convergence in both the U.S. and Russian cosmonaut with Daiou Mi cartridges Speedmaster Professional Chronograph, this watch was later to become the Soviet astronaut Specify watch quartz chronograph introduced in 1976, is the world’s first LCD digital display both hands and watch 1981 tastefully designed dive watch Omega Seamaster 120M diving depth models available (screw-in crown and mineral glass circle), the French diver Jack Maier and on November 4, 1981 to wear this watch in Elba coast deep sea dive to 101 meters, the completion of the world’s attention unarmed scuba diving feat, setting a world record, and successfully verified the performance of this high-quality table hippocampus 1982

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Omega Constellation Quartz Chronometer, surface features four claws, firmly fixed on the sapphire crystal on the case, to improve water resistance ; Omega Seamaster quartz watch,patek 7018 001 cheapest, but use very light seven sets of steel-hard titanium metal manufacturing,hublot king power unico, high anti-rust and anti-wear. 1984 grand launch of the world’s most sophisticated Omega Clocks by talented designers Duoming Ni Ke, Lu Wazuo designed to be a creative, precise, delicate and symbolic masterpiece in 1985 invented the first world tournament type color matrix scoreboard 1985-1986 Nikolay Haye g conceived and implemented ASUAG and SSIH two watches company’s restructuring plan, after more than four years, and finally decided to merge the two companies, and in 1985, together with the Swiss investor consortium to acquire majority stake in the new group. In 1986, Nicholas, Hayek as the new Group Chief Executive Officer of the Board Master degree in 1990 launched the world’s first mechanical watch movements Diving Chronograph – Seamaster professional diving watch (300 m -1000 ft water depth waterproof function ) with chronometer certification, helium valve device and a plurality of rows of buttons, you can play at 300 meters deep performance in 1994 launched the world’s first Tourbillon Automatic watch 1998 Omi seedlings Consulting astronauts and professional pilots professional advice, research and create the X-33 Speedmaster Professional Chronograph, combined with a number of the most advanced technology capabilities, comprehensive human space missions to meet the stringent requirements of 2000 Omega De Ville Coaxial series uses the world’s first industrial production of the same escapement movement, so watch lasting accurately, greatly reducing the time to add lubricants and maintenance into the 21st century from 2001, Omega introduced the Speedmaster Broad Arrow table, extending over Speedmaster legend. The name of this watch unique pointer from the beginning, that is the first Speedmaster design. Broad Arrow Omega table and exclusive selection of the latest 3303 vertical wheel timing device movement in 2002 launched a new series of the hippocampus AQUA TERRA table back using fluoroscopy design, leading technology innovation for the first time to show the trend of the coaxial escapement device, called the advanced technology and the perfect combination of classic design. In addition, new ville coaxial escapement watch is also equipped with Omega’s proprietary vertical wheel timing device, to become the world’s first coaxial escapement watch in 2003 two important new watches available – Railmaster (held under the Orient Express devaluation) and Constellation Double Eagle series, in addition, Omega has also launched a new advertising program selection, advertising photographs by renowned photographer Arthur Iger shot in 2004 at the annual Omega sled cup competitions promote new ville coaxial chronograph – Shengmolizi Omega watches in 2005 announced the release of three new watch – the hippocampus Planet Ocean series, Ville RATTRAPANTE and OMEGAMANIA double pointer chronograph ladies watch

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