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BVLGARI Diagono watches 2013SIHH four Aspect of ( a ) the orthodox innovation

in the Year of the Dragon ambition soon be over,while the House first watch out of Asia to the world. Visited one of two tables show known for the world’s SIHH (Geneva International Watch Fair). In the only Haute Horlogerie (Haute Horlogerie) exhibition amid which we strongly felt strong and deep watches Swiss watches wind and civilization After 5 days of watches baptism, we are particularly we summarize the four Aspect exhibition, which is the tradition of innovation; technological breakthroughs; unlimited creativity and aesthetic pursuits! Here we must interpret it for everyone ………

exhibitors this anniversary among which 16 brands,maximum brands have more than a centenary of history, some even longer, so obey along the tradition has convert the senior Watch the most important areas of a creed. But we know that the continuation of the Swiss watchmaking industry for hundreds of years,equitable blindly adhere to tradition namely insufficient In the 1970s the quartz revolution fine to Swiss knocked a wake-up cry After that, the Swiss watchmaking tradition began aboard the basis of constantly accelerating pace of innovation,after approximately 30 years of unremitting efforts, early surrounded this centenary the Swiss watchmaking industry was ushered did ahead should have It belongs apt that of a brilliant Especially among recent years, with some cutting-edge brands to join those of traditional brand became increasingly fast pace of innovation, and those associated with the brand is too outstanding series of grow accompany afresh glow with vitality.

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We know that 1815 is the A. Lange & Söhne (Lange) brand author Ferdinand A. Lange (Adolf Ferdinand ‧ ‧ Lang grid) was born to Mr.year 1815 tin be said to have this array aboard Lange special meaning, so Lange introduced this annual among the array of the maximum complicated dual chase chronograph everlasting almanac watch, it namely the first in the order so complicated watch, it namely also the world’s 1st use of a dual-column-wheel deed of the watch, it is a eternal almanac until 2100 only need apt accommodate fast one day watch,yet I feel favor I can not await tune it of the annual

translucent sapphire crystal turntable within the watch industry is never uncommon,yet the approach accustom in this fashion would be too rare body Lange (German alternatively associative stubborn) , this watch is never only rare yet too far-reaching, we know that for of the special architecture of Lange tremendous calendar operation mode will be quite special,want to discern it in operation forward it ambition only split the table,but not immediately,amongst dial tin never only enjoy,but too apt enjoy every daytime folk simply respect the desk which is a gift yet there namely not free luncheon this table only platinum,merely only 200 ……

I believe that the mere mention of Audemars Piguet, 99% of folk aspiration think of Royal Oak,but we chose not apt mention it today (40th birthday last year it said too much Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars order is also quite notable for the order this annual a strike male to adaptation the manner of clothe watches,BVLGARI Diagono watches, women began to hit the growing mall claim this diameter 33 mm rose gold watch turntable only Plaid has a beautiful decoration,but too accustom the noted 3090 Audemars Piguet movement

Baume & Mercier (Mercier) Linea (Lingni) series can be said of the female form evergreen tree,for the array of watches with a replaceable desk orchestra so Ling Ni order models have been colorful,whatsoever this year namely still the highlight of the belt yet there are different and among the past annual Canadian actress celebrities multiplication Emmanuelle Chriqui (Emmanuelle Chriqui) co-design a array of woven lambskin belt,polished colors and this spring and summer fashion trend namely quite consistent, and beautiful women must not forget apt differentiate you this information boyfriend alternatively husband.

Piaget (Piaget) the Altiplano array has always been extreme slender synonymous,but likewise among the think constantly work beyond your limits, this year’s Altiplano Data once afresh done the world’s thinnest, so thin even to tell you deem there are 221 parts and almanac function automatic operation actually only three millimeters thick. I had to weep,if subsequently can be actually thin aboard the “broken” a!

amid Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) after the annihilate of the conference,swiss watch men, someone complained that VC is really aggravate each yearly for onward Vacheron Constantin watches longing bombard complex,but this annual one did never,yet I do never think so,BRM V8-44 watches, I think for a pavilion among the maximum senior mark really do not have to rely aboard complicated to prove their strength, and sometimes a simple desk to better show the brand’s deep internal strength . I assure you that whether you gaze at only Malte (Malta) to perceive more than 5 minutes, some absence to see,offer it ……

daily Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet something favor that main female mall,merely Vacheron Constantin, the mall seems apt be more insistent a male desk did never bring off (reportedly surrounded September out), and Malta Series eponymous Patrimony (inheritance) namely equally simple,yet it won Vacheron accumulation of DNA centuries pure grace,through the full circuitous case of classical prettiness with tepid gray seamless line alligator belt the adult woman luxury off the brain

course,within this exhibition,never equitable for the classic series there are many present array but also there are many retro array engraved with a lot of the order we longing surrounded the future surrounded order for everyone apt do amid detail so stay tuned ……


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