Bell & Ross Collection Vintage watches 2013SIHH craft journey of Parmigiani

surrounded Geneva before we thematic exhibition which introduced a lot of beauteous art in many colossal watch,Bell & Ross Collection Vintage watches, enjoy these great charm surrounded everyone watches the same phase definitely deficiency to know Those exquisite pattern is how apt do it. In order apt satisfy this appetite everybody watch house exhibition specially selected the maximum representative among the field of arts watch the three brands, and share with everyone the story behind those exquisite designs ……

Marquetry (marquetry) namely one ancient masterpiece the history of the use of this process are never many examples of the dial Although the use of this process onward making the watch turntable and there have been some,merely for this yearly parmigiani Fleurier (Parmigiani) of the process, themes and complex functions such a smart fusion of marquetry watch I’m scared the 1st period Parmigiani this yearly has introduced three marquetry work,that two TONDA array Tourbillon and a timer

stunning works

Both watches mainly based aboard the theme of melody two styles that TONDA Woodrock (English version) and Tonda Woodstock (U.S. version), we know that in the history of rock and coil the United Kingdom and the United States namely the maximum influential of the two countries apt pay tribute apt the designers decided to British flag and the American flag pattern for a backdrop chart inspiration; also for the guitar namely a wood marquetry with a natural touch of dulcet instruments, and tourbillon apparatus is impartial the guitar speaker it is too the harmony of these three makes these watches became the melody and watch these two non- Borders art of the absolute fusion.

In addition to watches, this timer also backing namely never small, its diagram inspired according the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian (he angstrom • Mondrian), his cross lines and alter color combination is noted frescoes. These grid lines and various color combinations tell Mondrian’s work exudes the wind of song,horn,twice bass, piano, three contests on the dial instrument, called one example of sound and picture blending.

marquetry craft
finished watches, it namely said that today’s protagonist inlay technique. Marquetry namely a quite ancient craft and immediately our lives have been quite complex apt perceive Which process wood mainly in the airplane of the small pieces of lumber hack and accumulate thereby creating an exceedingly sophisticated decorative accomplish Marquetry craftsmen constantly adapt as top carpentry training, they have to do hard work and precise workmanship. From the initial sketches to the final chip of paper apt create a spectacular ample to overthrow the original blueprint mosaic mosaic,within which all should be well conscious of their hi-tech processes.

marquetry craftsmen first duplicate the aboriginal design from the beginning, copying is the foundation of this process, artisans use Rotring Tool (special drawing pen) depicts the figure carefully each unit and then complete duplicate of the drawings, assembly modules make sure the size and outline

Next inlay craftsmen reproduced aboard paper out of ten alternatively more copies copy blueprint drawing, they want use these G cut out the figure of assembling the assorted modules.

tear for this critical stage while preparing apt conduct lumber craftsman selection, selection criteria involving wood color and surface.

artisans cautiously chosen 10 of the lumber piled up attach,then firmly nailed attach with nails.

lumber nailed,afterwards copy graph want be processed wood glued to the altitude of the heap along with a fine saw blade cutting cautiously copying the border map resulting among 10 has the same fashion of wooden blocks. Even whether the absence is a wooden block, with a heap of lumber artisans likewise be cropped, and then retain only 10 modules harvest was the most successful one.

I am here to stress that the pattern of each module to go through this program,even now it is only among each module have very subtle differences for each a module for cutting within consensus with this set of processes, there are many differences among the number of change modules and how many different colors. This project aggregate not fewer than the assembly of a extremely complicated behavior

completed when the last one module cutting, we thought you’re done,just wait for assembly,yet within truth for artisans Our real test has only impartial arrived. While artisans throughout the machining process are strictly followed size,merely if they find minimal assembly errors alternatively unsightly small cracks, the entire chip aspiration be destroyed. Then the craftsman most”miserable”while he had to start from scratch,afresh among accordance with the desired modifications patiently copying,watches cheap, cutting (Tears in a actually colossal

so engaged among this work marquetry While adhering to also precise even the maximum minute details have thought,Omega Seamaster watches,merely also To forget the all situation,for the results want arise only at the last moment. At this point, each module is perfectly embedded among their own position,as one integral part to play its character

final desk for everyone apt send these two tables box merely I have to mention it, watch carton with marquetry process is never done!