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We women always like to chat about the newest fashion trend especially on wedding dresses. Obviously, the fashion trend of wedding dresses changes constantly. Every year, the wedding dress styles keep evolving,Game Pokemon Go Men T-shirt, create different kinds of it and allow women to create among varied styles. With so many new styles emerge …Continue reading


Sometimes, less is more. Simple wedding dresses are greatly loved by more and more modern brides and Princess Kate sets the best example. Simple wedding dresses can be quite sleek,Long Swimsuit Cover Up Plus Size, sophisticated,, visual appealing, fashionable and above all, right in your price range. Simple wedding dresses bring out the beauty of …Continue reading


As young girls,, we often dreamed about one day we can meet and marry our prince charming. Well, your dream is coming true as you have decided to hold a magical fairytale wedding. Of course,, you need a dreamy princess wedding dress to make you the princess. Princess wedding dresses always have classic beauty and …Continue reading


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Going from Louis Vuitton to Prada… Is it a sign that maybe Prada is riding the fame wave more than Louis Vuitton lately, Given their focusing more on celebs and less on actual design/ing, I don’t blame Ashley for trying to make people take her fashion seriously with a Prada bag. Though it really looks beautiful, I only love this …Continue reading

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Luxury handbags,, shoes and purses are to be the focus of Burberry’s future collections, it was revealed this week (November 18th), as the company reported lower pre-tax profits, mainly from apparel sales. However,, despite what might seem like doom and gloom for the fashion label, it has said that it has been “thrilled” with sales …Continue reading


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This Green Mil Gauss is a surprising watch. I remember my thoughts when I saw it first in pics, Beach Cover Ups Skirts, last year during the Basel Fair… I found it strange, a bit freakie with all these colors, and not that appealing… Till my AD gave me a call to ask me to …Continue reading


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We all recognize Cartier for their elegant designs and timeless features. Some of the newer Cartier watches, especially in the men’s collections, take a bit of a different approach. The delicate styles are replaced with some more adventurous interpretations. One such men’s watch is the Santos 100 Carbon by Cartier. This large model men’s timepiece …Continue reading


Simple Love – My Prayer (Youtube)

, That is the Simple Love – My Prayer (For My aaaaAlbee ) Dear god I know that she’,;s out there… The one i’m suppose to share my whole life with And in time… You’ll show her to me Will you take care of her Comfort her And protect her… Until that day we meet …Continue reading


Mood-Matching Your Wedding Dress!

Like most other items of clothing, there are many factors behind a woman’s decision to pick that one wedding dress. One of these factors include her personality and mood. What does she want to feel like when she’s walking down the aisle? Does she want to feel dreamy,, demure, charming,, sensual or seductive? Here are …Continue reading


Simple Wedding Rings

Simple wedding rings continue to be the most timeless and sought after of all wedding ring styles. Many couples are attracted by the uncomplicated elegance of a simple wedding ring. Simple wedding rings cater to women of all tastes. Whether you prefer simple,, vintage, contemporary, traditional or classic style, there is always a simple wedding …Continue reading

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